Russian Caravan


A blend of India and China black teas that offers a full flavor cup. Notes of chocolate and pine smoke. Historically, horse and camel caravans would spend sixteen months making the roundtrip journey to Eastern China, arriving in the Russian capital laden with chests of tea. The leaves aged a bit along the way; absorbing wafts of pine fire. The taste of camping at home!

 Tin: 4 oz

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  1. Smokey Balance

    Posted by Anita Rosencrantz on 8th Jul 2020

    Russian Caravan has a nice smokiness that isn't as strong as a straight Lapsang Souchong. A great tea for a cold winter morning.

  2. Hearty and Smoky

    Posted by John Spaulding on 5th May 2020

    I love hearty black teas, and Russian Caravan Tea has always been a favorite. This blend is strong and smoky, but I was hoping for some spiciness too - perhaps some cardamon and/or orange rind to give it a little more interest. It's still a great tea, but I may make some "alterations" of my own, mixing it with chai perhaps.